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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

So after a break that went on way longer than I ever expected I have finally made the decision to take the plunge and start blogging again. Having finished my degree I now actually have the time to spend blogging without being distracted by the piles of university creeping higher and higher. I thought a good post to kick back off with was a haircare post!

My hair has always been a bit of a nightmare; long, quite thick and a tendency to get very dry. However I think that I've finally found my five favourite products that actually work with my hair.

Toni&Guy Wave Memoriser
This is a cream product which really helps my hair look super defined. Its not very often that I wear my hair curly anymore but when I do I always reach for this cream, plus it smells absolutely amazing!

Batiste Cherry Dry Shampoo
I think dry shampoo is a definite must for majority of girls, and I for one cannot live without it. Its so good for adding texture to your hair as well as refreshing it! I would find it impossible to wash my hair everyday as it just takes too long to dry and style, so this is perfect for those in between days.

John Freida Sea Waves Spray
I love a good sea salt spray and this one has to be by far my favourite. Perfect for adding texture to your hair when you just want a really relaxed easy style. I usually wash my hair at night, spray this all the way through, roots to tips and wake up to textured, wavy hair.

Garnier Ultimate Blends 'The Marvellous Glow' Oil
As I said earlier, my hair tends to get very dry especially at the ends, this oil is amazing for combating that. It doesn't make my hair greasy, instead it just makes my ends all soft and silky. You can use this on either dry or wet hair depending on how dry your hair gets!

Tresemme Heat Defense Spray
This heat defense spray is a must for me, I like to use straighteners quite a lot and I also use a hair dryer so without this spray my hair would probably be much more damaged than it is!

What are your hair essentials?

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9 beauty notes

  1. Hi Emily! Welcome back from your hiatus! I know what you mean by missing blogging!

    The Tresemme spray is something I reach for whenever I am straightening my hair! Love it


  2. I would love to try the ultimate blends!

  3. Love the TRESemme Heat Defence Spray, I've used it for years! x

    Under Blue Lights

  4. All of the products sound great, and I'd love to try John Freida Sea Waves Spray! xx

    Sara Wallflower

  5. Batiste is such a life saviour for me, it's definitely the best dry shampoo. I use salt spray as well but I actually make me own using rock salt and I've found it works so much better than any of the ones I've bought before!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  6. I need to try that sea salt spray! My hair is so flat and boring!Xx

  7. Love ur reviews! I will for sure try the John Freida Sea Waves Spray!


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