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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Benefit Gimme Brow in Medium/Dark - £17.50*
Left - Benefit Gimme Brow, Right - Nothing

If there is one thing that I can't leave the house without doing it definitely has to be my eyebrows! I would probably go as far to say that if I could only use one makeup product it would be my eyebrow pencil, I just feel so naked without them having been filled in. So I was pretty excited to hear that Benefit were doing a new brow product, I love their Brow Zings but I just find pencil a lot quicker for daily wear. However this new product is a fibre gel and its so quick and easy to use!!

The tube is basically like a mini mascara, with a tiny brush on the end which is perfect for getting into the corners of eyebrows. I use this like I would a mascara, so working it into the eyebrows in layers and the results are just so effective. It coats even the tiniest of hairs to give fuller yet completely natural looking brows! I love using this, its greats for natural days yet can also be built up for days when I want a fuller looking brow, and unlike most brow gels it doesn't leave brows hard, it justs holds them in place. In fact the only fault I really have with this product is the price, £17.50 is quite pricey for a brow product however I do think these little tubes are definitely worth it!

Have you tried this?

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8 beauty notes

  1. Seen so many reviews on this and I want it so badly!! Shame it's a bit on the pricier side xx

    Lucy Cole | A UK Fashion, Style and Beauty Blog

  2. Sounds like a good brow product and much better than the Maybelline Brow drama :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  3. I don't really do much with my brows but feel I should - this sounds like it would be a good product to use but the price does put me off a bit

  4. Ooh, have heard good things about these- glad you're loving them too! Makes your brows look lovely :)


  5. i literally got this product on friday and have been using it ever since it's just so easy to apply, i also did a brief review of it aswell as getting my brows done by benefit on my blog xx

  6. Awesome, I didn't know they had this! I need to check it out!

  7. I LOVE Gimme Brow - it's so so easy to use, and makes such a difference xx
    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie


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