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Tuesday, March 04, 2014

TOP - Primark, SKIRT - Primark, BOOTS - eBay, NECKLACE - Pull & Bear, WATCH - Fossil

Wow, I did not realise the majority of this outfit was from Primark. I've had this skirt for years and its just so comfy and easy to wear, can't quite believe its lasted this long being as its from Primark and all that. This top is a recent purchase and they have them in loads of different colours and patterns, I'm extremely tempted by the stripy one and there's also a palm tree print one I've got my eye on. I just really like the shape of them and they are fairly thick so they feel like pretty good quality!

Definitely need to stop buying so many black clothes though, I had a look through my wardrobe today and it was mostly black, greys and neutrals haha! I hope you're are all having a lovely pancake day, I plan to consume as many pancakes as possibly today..

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8 beauty notes

  1. Killer look! So cool that you've included some affordable Primark picks and I'm loving that necklace :)



  2. Sweet pictures and a great look. Lovely skirt! :)


  3. Love this outfit, so simple!

  4. Gorgeous outfit, I love the skirt! x

  5. I like your blog so much!! it's so me! :)

    XXX loviessh.blogspot.com

  6. I also need to get out of wearing black!! I can't help but love it though...
    And I've said it before but GURRRRRRL you have legs to die for!!

    Holly Mixtures


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