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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Its been ages since I bought any new skincare so I thought I'd do some mini reviews on some of the stuff I received for Christmas and my birthday!

Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask
This mask has been on my wishlist for ages and I finally received it for Christmas. Its basically a clay based charcoal mask that drys on your skin and draws out any impurities. I've been loving using this, it makes my skin feel really clear and refreshed!

Lush Dark Angels Cleanser
I've been wanting to give this a try for a while but was always a little scared because of the black colour and texture of it. However as long as it is used in a bathroom its not at all as messy as it seems. Its basically a spongey black mixture that you break a little bit off and make a paste on your hands before applying to your face. Its quite exfoliating so I don't use this everyday but its nice to use a couple of times a week for a more deeper cleanse.

La Roche Posay Effaclar A.I 
I'm a massive fan of the Effaclar Duo so I was intrigued to try more from the range. This is basically a treatment that you apply directly to blemish prone areas and it clears imperfections and reduces the mark they leave too. I love this, its very lightweight and I have definitely noticed a big reduction in the amount of blemishes I have and also how long they last!

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo+
I'm an avid user of this and couldn't really be without it! I use it as a lightweight moisturiser and it is just so good! It clears blemishes and also makes my skin much less oily. I would highly recommend giving this a try if you haven't already!

Lush Tea Tree Toner
Finally I received the Lush tea tree toner. I haven't had a huge amount of luck with toners before, they just never seem to do much for my skin and always seem a bit pointless! However this one has been amazing. Tea Tree is an antiseptic and so this toner is great at helping spots heal super quickly, finally a toner that actually does something!

Any new skincare products I should try?

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14 beauty notes

  1. I love dark angels! it gives such a deep clean!
    did you try the original effaclar duo? im still not sure what the difference between that and the + are!


  2. That Lush Tea Tree Toner sounds fab! I never have much luck with toners either but I'll definitely give this one a try! New follower here :) xx


  3. Great picks! Love all of the brands that you featured here- I really want to give Dark Angels a try! I really like their Aquamarina cleansing roll too- it's perfectly gentle for my sensitive, acne-prone skin :)



  4. I've always wanted to try the Lush Toner Water, but hummed and harred about spending money on a bottle of teatree water?! Sounds as if you've gotten on well with it, persuaded me more to try it! x

    Hannah @ FashionistaDigital

  5. Great post and products! I love Lush!. You have such a lovely blog!

    Feel free to visit my blog as well! There are tons of tips on fashion, beauty, style, health, personal growth and more! <3

    New Blog Post: How To Look Well-Rested

  6. I love the effacular duo, so I'll definitely need to check out the new formula

    A little bit Unique Blog/Bloglovin/Instagram/Facebook


  7. I've been dying to pick up the lush tea tree toner!


  8. I love Lush's Tea Tree Toner!! It feels amazing on my face and it actually gives a cooling sensation that I love!!


  9. Lovely skincare haul, the LUSH Tea Tree Toner is a favourite of mine too. I even have the small bottle in my handbag as I like to use it throughout the day to freshen up & keep oil at bay

  10. I love the Origins mask - it's my absolute favourite! I've never heard of the Tea Tree Toner, but it looks really good! I can see a cheeky trip to Lush on the cards! xx

    Sarah | Squares - Bookworm and Beauty Enthusiast

  11. Does the Tea Tree toner leave your skin feeling a bit tight? I used to love Tea Tree products but I haven't used any in years.

    I would love to try the rest of the Effaclar range but I always chicken out.

    Sej || What Would Grace Kelly Say?



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