REVIEW: LABSONIC Sonic Cleansing Brush

Friday, January 17, 2014

A couple of months ago I mentioned that I would be trialling a new Sonic Cleaning Brush from LABSONIC. I now use this twice a week and wouldn't be without it, it's so good for deep cleaning and really leaves my skin so clean and refreshed. The Sonic Cleaning Brush is great for deep and gentle cleansing, sweeps away impurities and clear pores, more effective cleansing for blemish prone and problem skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines, imperfections and blemishes. I have quite blemish prone skin and I'm never without a few blemishes. I've tried so many products to help get rid of them but not many have worked quite as well as this. It hasn't completely gotten rid of my blemishes but it has significantly reduced the amount of them and my skin is certainly getting rid of them quicker.

The brush comes with four heads; 2 x dermabrasion head - perfect for exfoliation, hydrating head - great for moisturisers and the wrinkle eraser head - great for eye creams and serums. The dermabrasion head is by far my favourite and the one I get the most use out of, I tend to use this with creamy/foaming cleansers and it works so well! Definitely a great alternative to the pricier Clarisonic!

Boots currently have these retailing at £43.32, a third off the normal price of £64.99!

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3 beauty notes

  1. I've been wanting to try something like this for a while and you may have just sold this to me... xxx

  2. I really want to give one of these brushes a go!

    B xx

  3. Hi..can I be cheeky and ask if you would measure the width of the heads for me. They look identical to ones I have for my Roc facial system but cant get the heads anymore. No probs if not. Thank u Xx


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