REVIEW: Le Soft Solid Perfume Stick in Copacabana and Rock

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Solid perfume sticks are a relatively new concept to me so I was really excited to receive these two to try and test out. It seems like the perfect idea for me as I have a very sensitive chest and neck, so I often find that the majority of perfumes irritate my chest making it really sore! Each perfume stick has a Monoi Butter base making them extremely nourishing on the skin. I received the scents Copacabana, a light floral scent containing notes of Jasmine, Violet and Orange Blossom, and Rock, a heavier scent containing notes of Bergamot, Cedar and Musk. Out of the two, the Rock scent is by far my favourite!

The packaging suggests a number of ways that you can apply this however I just stuck to applying it to my neck and wrists. The perfume takes a minute or two to soak into the skin but once it's sunk in the fragrance literally lasts for ages! I can apply these perfume sticks in the morning and still get a whiff of it that same evening and they are perfect for carrying in your bag. I really love the idea of solid perfume and I think it works really well, I can definitely see other perfume brands branching out into this at some point in the future!

These retail at £19 and come in 10 different scents, you can find them at Cult Beauty

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5 beauty notes

  1. How adorable is the packaging xxx

  2. I have never tried a solid perfume. These sound great & I agree the packaging is really nice.

  3. this is such a cool concept! I love the packaging too xxx

  4. I've never tried a solid perfume but they look pretty cool! :) x

  5. This is such a cute idea! I've seen these before and was really curious - might have to try them now. The heavier scent sound perfect for Autumn too! xx

    Sarah | Squares - Bookworm and Beauty Enthusiast


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