REVIEW: Indeed Laboratories Hydraluron

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Up until a few months ago, I would never have thought that my skin was dehydrated. I just assumed since it was super oily, then surely it'd have all the moisture it needed aha. That is until I started reading Caroline Hiron's blog. She said was of the symptoms of dehydrated skin is when your makeup goes patchy and starts to disappear during the day, I get this all the time especially on my nose and chin. I think another thing that could have also triggered it is since coming to uni I have had a boiling room caused by exposed water pipes, I haven't had to turn the radiator on once all year..

Anyway Caroline raves about this and so since giving my skincare an overhaul, I knew this had to be one of the things I tried. Its a lot different to what i was expecting, its a fairly thick, clear gel, almost serum-like and it basically contains hyaluronic acid which is what retains the moisture in our skin. You need literally a tiny amount of this, I'd said half a pea size does my face perfectly. I simply apply this before moisturiser (Effaclar Duo) and it has made such a huge difference to my skin. My skin feels much more plump and healthier and my foundation lasts all day, no patches whatsoever! I would highly recommend this in anyones skincare routine, I didn't expect to see such a difference but I honestly have.

It's a little pricey at £24.99 from Boots, however I purchased mine for £14.50 on eBay, so its well worth checking there first!

Have you tried this?

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9 beauty notes

  1. I really need to just get on with it and buy this. I've been meaning to for ages, as I know it's worth it, but I always get tempted by the prettier products with the nicer sounding ingredients, especially ones with lots of natural goodies in them. I am an avid reader of Caroline's blog too, it's nice to have somewhere reliable to go for skincare advice.
    Mel x

  2. I've just started using this too and I love it. It really does make a difference



  3. Ooh, this sounds lovely! We have similar skin types, I think- I've always struggled at finding products to hydrate my skin without exacerbating oiliness. This might be a good option. Thanks for the review! xo


  4. Caroline is like my skincare saviour hehee this is on my list of products to try that she has recommended hat I want to buy :D Will defientely be investing in this when I get some money :P


  5. I'm deciding whether to buy this or the peptabright! I think I will go for this as it has better reviews x

  6. You got a right old bargain from ebay, I always wonder if they would be used or anything from there though xx

  7. this sounds like a great thing to add to my skin care routine as my skins been a bit blurghhh lately! xxx

  8. I love the Indeed Labs range, the Peptabright, Hydraluron and Eysilix are all must-haves in my opinion as they work as well as your high-end products but are half the price!

  9. I've never heard of this bit it sounds lovely!
    Kirsty x


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