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Thursday, May 16, 2013

 DRESS - H&M, HEELS - eBay, WATCH - Fossil, NECKLACE - eBay

I know its been a while but I've finally starting to get back into blogging again. I seriously needed that week's break but it just took me a few days longer to get back into doing it properly, however over the next few weeks I think I'm still only going to be posting every other day, or maybe 5 days a week or something like that. Everyday is just a little much for me at the moment, so I hope that is okay with you guys!

How gorgeous is this dress from H&M?! Seriously I was in there the other day and I walked out with four day dresses, I'm much more of a jeans girl so this is pretty crazy for me aha. However I couldn't resist the print on this one, and I love the baggy fit of it, its going to be so perfect for summer!

Hope you guys are well, and that revision isn't too bad for most of you!
Oo and the giveaway winner will be announced shortly, I couldn't think of any other goodies to go with the Mac lipstick.. so I'm thinking of possibly offering 3 months advertising or something like that, I haven't been very good at thinking of anything else aha! I've just been so busy and I haven't really had chance to think about it. I'll definitely work out something!

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25 beauty notes

  1. Love this dress! Really suits your figure and makes your legs look amazing :)


  2. This dress is amazing!! Can't believe it's from H&M x


  3. That dress is aboustely stunning on you! I love it :)


  4. I love the dress. I find H&M can be so hit and miss, like you said you can go in and find so many things you like and then go in and see nothing you like! I think giving away advertising is a good idea as it doesn't really cost you anything and you have a really big following to advertise to! x

  5. That dress is so nice, you look lovely!

    Julia x

  6. Gorgeous dress! Such a nice fit, love the dip hem look.



  7. Oh my gosh it's gorgeous!

    Megan xxx

  8. This is such a gorgeous dress :) looks lovely :)
    Vicki x


  9. This dress is so pretty!

  10. I love this look, the dress is gorgeous and I always say how much I love those boots!


    B xx

  11. Ooo I love this tunic, I almost brought it the other day but resisted! Will probably go back for it though ;)

  12. The boots look really good with the dress! xx Rena
    Kiss and Make Up

  13. twit twooo, you look gorgeous! I love the dress and boots together! xxx

  14. You look gorgeous! Your legs look amazing.. in a non weirdo way obviously haha! xx

    Gemma | ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  15. wow, this outfit is gorgeous!!

    Just followed your lovely blog.

    FashionProject x

  16. Loving the print on that dress! So great. And such a flowy, wearable style. The lipstick you're wearing is fab too! xo



  17. thought this was one of the riverisland ones they did a little while back! ah this ones even nicer!! you look great

  18. I've been having a hard time blogging lately, too! I'm lucky to get a post up a week, let alone one every day. I find people who are able to blog so frequently amazing. How do they have time!? I'm working on it though:)
    This dress looks absolutely stunning on you! I love the print and the hemline is perfect. And your boots?! I'm obsessed! SO cute!
    Love your blog, lady!

    xo Ashley
    Twenties Girl Style

  19. Wow, you look super cute! I love the shoes, and your legs are like perfect- I'm jealous haha! xx


  20. I loved this dress when I saw it in their campaign and it looks lovely on you- your legs go on forever, so lucky!

    C x | gymbagsandgladrags.com

  21. LOVE this outfit - especially the boots they are gorgeous!! xx



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