REVIEW: REN Glycolatic Radiance Renewal Mask

Monday, April 22, 2013

After loving the REN ClearCalm 3 Clay Cleanser so much, I was pretty chuffed to be offered the famous Glycolatic Radiance Renewal Mask which is a firm favourite amongst beauty bloggers. This is an exfoliating mask that contains glycolic, lactic, citric and tartaric acids all designed to renew the complexion and improve skintone and radiance. And after only using this twice I've already noticed such a huge difference in my skin, it looks so much healthier and a lot more radiant.

The mask comes out like a sticky honey texture and I must admit, it feels a bit weird when rubbing this over your face, however this smells divine!! It smells quite strongly of orange, but a sort of sweet orange smell, think of orange sweeties! I love the feeling after using this mask and it is perfect for those days when your skin just feels really sallow and tired, this definitely perks up the skin. 

REN are onto a winner with this one, and its definitely a brand that I will keep going back to time and time again!

Have you tried this?

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10 beauty notes

  1. I heard so many great things about this mask! x

  2. Really want to try this, my skin can be quite dull looking.
    Would it be a problem for skin that can be quite sensitive?

    1. My skin can be sensitive at times and this didn't even tingle on me so unless you're super sensitive then I think you would be fine:) x

  3. this sounds really great but quite pricey! :( still really need to try the clay cleanser!

    B xxx

  4. So many people are liking this right now xx

  5. I love REN's packaging, it's so simple.
    Megan xxx

  6. Heard such good things about REM, really wanna get my mitts on some x

  7. I've never tried this but it looks great - first time I've heard of this brand actually! xx

  8. Wow, I've heard a few reviews for this and you also make it sound so lovely! It's always nice to hear when face masks do what they claim. I'll have to get a sample of this from Sephora! xo



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