Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Nars 'And God Created Woman' Palette £40.50
So yeah I'm pretty much in love with this palette I just really wish it wasn't so pricey! £30 I could justify on this palette, over £40 I just can't seem to justify. Its a beautiful neutral palette and its right up my street; I did look at getting the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette for a while but the colours were just too pale for my liking and plus I like my shimmer too much aha! I'll probably end up getting this I just don't want to fork out quite yet:)
EDIT: After thinking about this, I've decided it is no more expensive than a Mac palette, right? Infact its cheaper than a Mac palette (definitely trying to justify it to myself!!)!

New Look Grey Boyfriend Blazer £24.99
I've been after some Summer jackets for a while but the weather just hasn't been up to it and it sort of puts me off buying Summer clothes :( but I love this jacket, its quite oversized and I think its the perfect transition from Spring to Summer (when we get either!!).

ASOS Printed Jacket £60
Again, another Summer jacket. I adore the print on this jacket and I'm loving the monochrome trend at the moment too. However the price made me choke a little, sixty quid for a jacket is just too far out of my price range so I think this beauty will be staying firmly on the wishlist :(

ASOS Floral Top and Short Set £30
How cute is this short set!! I love it, perfect for the Summer and to be honest I haven't seen anything else really like it, next time ASOS have a good student discount on this'll be heading straight into my basket!

ASOS Geo-Print Bikini Top £18
I'm really preparing for Summer in this wishlist aha, I love the print on this bikini top. And to always make things cheaper I tend to just buy pattened bikini tops and pair them with plain bottoms. I love that its slightly longline too. This style of bikini top really suits me as it balances out my body shape!

Benefit Fine One One £23.50
My last post was on a Benefit makeover I had and I really wasn't expecting to like this so much but I really really do. Its the perfect Summer cheek colour, a lovely peach but with a really glowy finish. It really brightens up the face!!

I'm hoping to do more wishlists as I really miss doing them.
It would also be really great if you could vote in the poll on the sidebar! I'm really intrigued to know which posts you guys like and obviously I want to do posts that you guys enjoy reading :):)

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22 beauty notes

  1. Genuinely want everything on this wishlist! Especially the top and short set!

    My latest wishlist has been pretty popular over on my blog!



  2. I want the Nars palette soooo badly! It's absolutely gorgeous, but I really don't think I can justify so much money on it :( Love the blazer too :)
    Eleanor x


  3. Anything NARS I want!! It's just so expensive! Great post :) x

  4. I actually have Fine One One and I still haven't tried it, argh!


  5. I agree with you, Fine One One is a lovely summer colour! So easy to use as well that I just drop it into my handbag at the beginning of the day and reapply as needed!

    Lana, xo

  6. I love the bikini top - I spotted that on ASOS too! I really like the longline style, I think it looks really sophisticated! Great selection of stuff! Summer can't come soon enough now!!! Emma xx


  7. Great picks! I've seen the NARS palette in-store and it is quite lovely! Also really wanting to try that new BeneFit cream blush soon! As a beauty blogger, I'd of course like to see more makeup-related posts on the blog, but your outfit posts are always great too- so I'd say more of both :)



  8. love the jacket! I really want Benefit Fine One One as well!



  9. Wow, I love the boyfriend blazer &
    the asos jacket has an amazing pattern. :)


  10. Fine One One is such a genius idea, and even more so for people like me that hate using powders for blush and contour!

  11. Great picks, i love the ASOS jacket! x

  12. I love that ASOS bikini top, it would be so flattering on!

    http://hannahrebekahcampbell.blogspot.com xx

  13. All the clothing in this wishlist = amazing! Love the blazer so much!

    lisatakespictures xo

  14. I want all of these things, makes me sad that I can't have them!:(


  15. the grey blazer is gorgeous!

  16. Absolute LOVE that ASOS printed jacket!! xx

  17. Such a great wishlist! I would love to have that Benefit Fine One too, it looks amazing. I nominated you in best personal style blog, I didn't really know what category to choose! :) Good luck, dear.

  18. craving the NARS and the benefit!

    B xxx


  19. Great wishlist. I'm so in love with the NARS pallet too and it comes with the eye primer which is like £19.50 on it's own! Definitely worth the money! I also love the bikini top.

    I bought Fine One One on Saturday and used it today, already a hit with me! So easy to contour with.

    Amy x cocktailsinteacups.blogspot.co.uk

  20. wow love what you've picked. the bottom left jacket is amazing!



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