What's In My Bag?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I've been wanting to do one of these posts for absolutely ages! I love watching/reading them and since I bought the new Zara 'City' bag a month ago I just could resist doing a post to show it off aha.
Since getting to City bag I've been trying so hard not to overfill it, I really love the shape of it and I feel that if I fill it with bulky stuff then it will lose its shape much more easily.

Anadin Extra (Painkillers)
I can't go anywhere without knowing I have painkillers in my bag! I think they are such a necessity.

Korres Lip Butter in 'Guava'
This has to be my all time favourite lip butter so I like to make sure I have it handy on me at all times. Literally the most buttery lip butter ever!

Nivea Lip Butter in 'Caramel'
I really like these and love that they are so cheap. However despite it being in my bag I haven't been reaching for it much at all in the past few weeks because I'm not sure its the best for super dry lips like my have been recently.

Natural Collection Lipstick in 'Cherry'
This is the perfect red for me and I think it really suits my skintone. I love to smudge this into my lips underneath a lip balm just to add a bit of colour. I'm really starting to get used to colour on my lips!

Nivea Lip Cream
I don't usually carry this around and I usually just keep it for nighttime. At night I slather it all over my lips and it makes them so super soft and moisturised! However recently with my super dry lips I've been dabbing this on throughout the day and its helping so much!

Natwest 16 - 25 Railcard
Essential if you're a student like me. I save so much on my rail fares with it!

Silver Tin Pencil Case
Being an architecture student I have to carry around a load of pencils, pens, fine liners, etc. I don't tend to leave the house without them, just in case I want to sketch aha!

Friends and Rivals by Tilly Bagshawe
I don't usually carry a book but since I was travelling on the train the other day this has just stayed in my bag . I love chick flick kinda books and Tilly Bagshawe has to be my favourite author ever (Would recommend reading 'Adored' - best book ever)

Another architecture essential aha. Literally wouldn't go anywhere without this!

This one is from Topshop - they do some seriously good purses! 

Wrigleys Extra Ice White Chewing Gum
I love carrying chewing gum around. You never know when you're going to need it aha! 

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer
I've seriously bad skin this past month and this has been a lifesaver.

Its pretty damn cold up North and my fingers would freeze without these.

Technically this would usually be in my pocket but for some reason I had left it in my bag aha. Anyway I carry it around with me daily, obviously.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder & Elf Powder Brush
Any oily skinned person would say forgetting the powder is not an option. I have three of these purely so I never forget one, aha.

I used to have a much bigger one but it was really wide and I felt like it was stretching my bag so I switched to this slimmer bottle, I need to have water with me, especially as I'm usually out for most of the day!

And that is it, I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I may do a few more of these such as a Whats in my Clutch Bag? If you liked this then let me know:)

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  1. I absolutely adore this bag, I really am tempted to go and get it!

  2. I absolutely love these posts so please do more! I did my second yesterday :)

  3. Adore this bag! If it wasn't nearly spring I'd definitely get it. I wish they did a tan or beige version as I never use black bags in S/S :( x x x

  4. I love being nosey and reading these posts! I love those Zara bags!


  5. I'm really worried about mine losing its shape too, I try not to fill it too much!


    B xxx

  6. This bag is amazing! I have been lusting after it for so long, gonna have to take the plunge, I need it to survive!



  7. I love reading posts like this - your bags gorgeous! Our 'in bag items' are very similar at the moment!

    Megan xxx

  8. This is a really fun post! I'm so nosey! I just love posts like this.
    That bag is so beautiful. So simple!

  9. Love the bag!! Been wanting one for so long!!


  10. Your bag I'd very organized. I need to work on that!

    trinawears.blogspot.com | nyc style blog

  11. I NEED that bag!

  12. Really love whats in my bag posts, that zara bag is gorgeous and I always have a notebook as well and a book!

    A little bit Unique - Blog // Facebook // Bloglovin


  13. That bag is absolutely stunning and I love all the pictures in the post. Great blog :)
    Do check out mine too, xoxo


  14. Your bag is gorgeous and so are these pictured. Loved a sneak peak into your life & loving the blog :)
    Do check out mine too, xoxo


  15. God I love this bag, I want it sooooooo much x

  16. I want that elf brush – i hear so many positives things about it!! :) xx

    Please go ahead and read my newest article on


  17. I'm in love with the Zara city bag! It's so pretty xo


  18. I love your Zara bag, gorgeous. xx

  19. Lovely www.adoramehitabel.blogspot.co.uk


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