The YouTube Channels I Love Watching!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

So I thought it'd be nice to start telling you guys the Youtube channels and blogs that I absolutely love! I thought I'd start off with three fairly well known youtubers and my three favourite ever ones, these three have such amazing channels and I definitely stop whatever I'm doing and watch their videos as soon as they are up!

I absolutely love Sammi's channel, her style is absolutely amazing, I would kill for this girls wardrobe! Not only that, I find that we have pretty similar tastes in makeup, anything Sammi likes I can be pretty sure that I'm going to like it too!

I remember watching Lily in some of her very first videos and since then she has grown so much. I just love her style of videos, shes very informative and just has a really lovely warm personality and I love how calming her voice is. Theres something about her that I really like and her videos are always spot on!

I love Barbara, shes so lovely to watch and I am in love with her style! I have watched every video that Barbara has ever done and I haven't disliked a single one.

Tell me some of your favourite YouTubers below, I would love to find some new ones:)

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  1. I love these 3 girls as well, how gorgeous are they as well!

    A little bit Unique - Blog // Facebook // Bloglovin


  2. I love Sammi's channel so much! My other faves are Zoella, SprinkleOfGlitter, Grav3yardgirl & MelonLady :)

    lisatakespictures xo

    1. Definitely need to check out those last two:) x

  3. I love Barbara from ThePersianBabe too! It's like listening to a friend when he talks to her watchers! + her style is to die for!

  4. I am obsessed with constantly watching youtube videos. I love Sammi, i agree with you when you say that she has amazing style! I get inspiration from what she purchases and wears. Great blog, think i may do this myself.

  5. I absolutely love Sammi & Babara ! I've never watched Lily Pebbles but ill check her out :) xx

  6. Im obesessed with youtube videos! infact i make my own! hope you can check them out!
    Youtube: abbeylovesbeauty1


  7. Very beautiful post! Unique! :*

  8. Wow nice!

    Don't forget to check out my new advertorial post!! ♥♥


  9. Great post, I really enjoy watching Youtube videos now!

  10. I love watching Lily and Sammi too!! I also like watching Zoella, BeyondBeautyStar and I Covet thee!!

  11. I'm obsessed with essiebutton, thepersianbabe and viviannadoesmakeup. | nyc style blog

  12. I love all of them too! xx


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