Spring Nail Polishes!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Barry M Gelly 'Watermelon', H&M 'Blue My Mind', Essie 'Stylenomics', Barry M Gelly 'Lychee', Essie 'Snap Happy'

I've been really loving my nail polishes lately, seriously changing the colour every few days which I know is probably really bad for my nails, not giving them a break haha but oh well! These are my favourite Spring polishes, usually I tend to wear dark vampy polishes all year round but this year has been different for some reason. I don't know whether its the lack of sun but I've been drawn towards so many different bright colours, very unusual for me.

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine in 'Watermelon' here
This is a really lovely bright teal which I love wearing. Its not too dark but its a lovely in between, not quite a bright polish but not quite a vampy polish. Anyway I really like it and find it surprising easy to wear!

H&M Nail Polish in 'Blue My Mind' here
I absolutely adore this nail polish. After lusting after Electric Blue items for ages I finally took the plunge and went for this nail polish (I've since bought a jumper in the colour aha). A bargain at £2.99 and definitely my all-time favourite colour for this Spring!

Essie Nail Polish in 'Stylenomics' here
I couldn't do a nail polish post without including a vampy one, sorry! Ha, I love this colour a super dark teal, verging on the side of black. A nice change to a dark vampy red which I tend to wear throughout Winter.

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine in 'Lychee' here
This has to be the perfect nude! Not too grey like many other nudes but then not too pink either. I can definitely see myself wearing this throughout Spring. I also love the finish of these polishes, super glossy and quite thick which gives a really professional finish!

Essie Nail Polish in 'Snap Happy'
I got this mini in the Essie Winter Collection but I think its much more suited to Spring. A gorgeous pillar box red, I think its quite hard to find a nice Summery red that isn't too dark and I think this is it!

I have done blog posts on the top four polishes and the Essie 'Snap Happy' one will be coming soon, so if you want to see swatches then just click next to the name.

Whats your favourite Spring polish?

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13 beauty notes

  1. The Barry M watermelon sounds lovely, I might have to pick that one up! I really want the jelly-shine dark blue and lilac too, and they're discounted in Superdrug at the moment!
    Eleanor x


  2. I really like the look of Barry M - Lychee perfect nude for the summer, when it finally arrives!

    My favourite spring polish is Barry M - Grey, You can't go wrong with grey!


  3. these are really pretty and different spring polish picks! I'm usually like pastels all the way this time of year but the darker and brighter ones here are very tempting too! xxx

  4. Love the colour of the H&M one, and so cheap! I really wanna try the gelly ones too!

    lisatakespictures xo

  5. Love the super green Essie one, it's like the perfect dark green!!


  6. I am so in love with the Barry M gelly polishes, think this nude colour has to be next! :)


    B xxx

  7. Blue my mind is such a nice shade!


  8. That essie polish is gorgeous and I really want to try some of the barry m hi shine polishes, they have such a lovely finish

    A little bit Unique - Blog // Facebook // Bloglovin


  9. I just got Stylenomics and LOVE it! The H&M colour is gorgeous too, are they good quality, I've never tried any makeup from there? xo

  10. I love the Barry M gelly nail paints, lychee is one of my favourites! They are so good for the price!!


  11. love the h&M blue my mind! so gorgeous and spring/summer ready!


  12. great video! wish barry m was available in australia, they look so good! x


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