My Favourite Mascara Combo!!

Friday, March 29, 2013

2 Coats LEFT, 1 Coat RIGHT

I'm a huge fan of wearing a few different mascaras at a time, and I always have been. For some reason I've never found just one mascara has really cuts it for me. A combo that I've been reaching for daily recently has been Revlon's Grow Luscious Plumping and Miss Sporty Studio Lash IncrediBall. These two mascaras are at either end of the drugstore price spectrum for mascaras but they just work so well together.

I have pretty stubby, short lashes but they are fairly thick and quite dark, so I tend to look for mascaras that lengthen and define my lashes. I was first of all drawn towards the Revlon mascara because it is said to make your lashes grow and stay stronger, i was dubious but intrigued! And I can honestly say that I have noticed a difference in my lashes. They are much longer than they every used to be and I can only put that down to the Revlon mascara; its not a huge difference but then I wasn't ever expecting a huge difference!
I was also rather dubious about the Miss Sporty mascara. I was in desperate need of mascara around a month ago and this one was on offer at £1.99, I've been seriously impressed ever since. I love the brush, I'm not usually into plastic brushes but this one with the ball at the end is amazing. Very defining and lengthening.

I can definitely see myself re-purchasing both these mascaras the moment they run out. I wasn't expecting much from either of these mascaras but together they work like a dream!

Whats your favourite mascara combo?

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14 beauty notes

  1. your eyes are gorgeous!! :)

  2. I'll definitely be trying out the Miss Sporty mascara for that cheap!


  3. Woah they look so good together. That brush on the Miss Sporty one looks so unique! I've never tried using two mascaras in one go but I might have to try it! xx
    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  4. I haven't tried either of these mascaras but they look great together :)


  5. Miss Sporty mascara is so good, im currently using Max Factor eye brightening with Miss Sporty Pump up lash booster and it's incredible!xo

  6. Your eyelashes look great! I always layer mascara! | nyc style blog

  7. ooh your lashes look lovely! x

  8. They look like they work wonders on lashes! Especially after two coats. I have the same type of eye lashes as you, so this might be worth giving a go! xxx

  9. I'm exactly the same! Even if I find a mascara I love, it's still not good enough to wear on its own. I think ill try these the next time I run out of one of my mascaras, your lashes look lovely! :)

    Maxine, xx

  10. I love mixing mascaras too! But I'm sticking to one atm, telescopic I find is amazing! Your lashes so look amazing though x

    Theres a YSL Lipstick to be won over at my blog if you would like to enter? x

    ..F A S H E R N A B L Y - L A T E..

  11. such a cutte post! :) and a lovely blog
    pretty please check out my blog XXXXX

  12. This is a great combination. Check out my mascara review on my blog


  13. Your lashes look amazing, and so does your eyeshadow! What colour/brand is this?
    Thanks :) x


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