BEAUTY: MAC Quad Palette!

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

away from the light (L-R): Woodwinked, Mulch, Satin Taupe, Twinks
in the light (L-R): Woodwinked, Mulch, Satin Taupe, Twinks

I've been so excited to do this blog post for a while because I finally filled my MAC Quad Palette. I'm a bit of a newbie to MAC eyeshadows (I only own six) I can see it becoming an addiction which could prove to be quite costly :S

Anyway the colours is my MAC palette are:

WOODWINKED (Top Left) - Veluxe Pearl
This colour was at the top of my list for ages and it really is such a beautiful colour! A gorgeous gold that is actually really wearable during the day as well as into the night. When blended out it creates a slightly darker coppery colour in your crease which in my opinion really gives your eyes that added depth. A real staple! And the Veluxe Pearl finish is lovely, really silky and smooth!

MULCH (Top Right) - Velvet
This was my first ever MAC eyeshadow and I love it as much now as I did when I bought it. Its a lovely reddish chocolate brown with bronze shimmer. This colour makes the perfect smokey eye so simple!! A serious go to colour for me. The Velvet finish is actually really nice, I have heard some not so good reviews about the Velvet finish in terms of colour pay-off but this colour has no problems like that as all!

SATIN TAUPE (Bottom Left) - Frost
This colour really is so beautiful and I can definitely see why everyone loves it so much. A simple taupe colour with a hint of silver shimmer to it. I actually wear this colour most days, its the perfect daily shadow when you just want that hint of colour on your lids. The Frost finish is gorgeous as it has flecks of iridescent shimmer in it, yet its subtle enough to be able to be worn during the day.

TWINKS (Bottom Right) - Veluxe Pearl
This was my most recent colour, a surprise from my mum and sisters. They got the colour so right, it really is stunning. A lovely deep plum brown colour with a slight shimmer to it, really brings out green eyes and makes them pop. I also find this colour subtle enough to be worn during the day. Another Veluxe pearl which again is super silky.

And there you have it, I can't wait to start a new palette I think I'll probably stick to quads though as they are easier to store!
Any colours you recommend that I try?

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15 beauty notes

  1. I really liked the colors that you choose! They look really nice!! I always use the color Nylon! it's a nice color that would definitely fit with the ones you already have!!

  2. Oh I love the names for each of these colours, even if they do sound Autumnal to me xx

  3. i love the gold shade, the shimmer looks so pretty!! :)

  4. love MAC! :*

  5. This is stunning!! Have you seen 'Honesty'? It would go so so well as a matte shadow xx

  6. Looks like the perfect neutral quad

  7. Such a lovely post with greta photos, new follower here!:)
    I'm looking into buying some MAC eyeshadows, I've seen so many great reviews!

  8. I've fallen off wearing eyeshadow completely, but these are great picks!!

  9. you have so much passion inside you

  10. Pretty colours, great post!

  11. I really want to buy a mac quad and fill it, there are so many colours though, it's hard to choose which ones to put in! You've got some lovely shades :)
    Eleanor x

  12. Such a gorgeous quad! I love all the colours you & mum/sister picked :)

  13. gorgeous colours! I really want to get satin taupe:)

  14. i seen u at the event but never got chance to say hello! let's hope they have more up north! :))

    love this palette.. i don't own any shadows from mac. but i think ur choices here would be mine! i just never wear eye shadow so can't justify the purchase at the min xxx


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