REVIEW: Beautifeye & ColourVue Coloured Contacts

Friday, February 22, 2013

I was recently asked by if I would like to try out some coloured contacts, and I literally jumped at the chance!! My best friend and I have always talked about trying coloured contacts, but we never actually got the balls to go and buy some (a few years ago, the thought of touching my eyeball freaked me out a little)! Anyway I chose two colours from different brands, 'Pearl Grey' from Beautifeye and 'Glamour Blue' from ColourVue.

These arrived super quickly and I have to say I was a little nervous when first putting them in, I have never ever wore contacts before and its just not natural to put something on your eye, it just wouldn't stay open aha! Anyway after around 15 minutes of trying, I finally got them in (yes, I know, I was being a complete wimp!), and I'm not going to lie the first couple of minutes were not so pleasant, my eyes were watering, I kept blinking and I was so close to giving up on them. But after a couple of minutes my eyes seemed to adjust and I honestly couldn't feel them after that and they looked flipping amazing. I had no idea what a difference a change in eye colour can make to your face! I kept the contacts in for a couple of hours on the first day and then increased it a couple more hours each day as the packets told me to do as a first time contact wearer. By the second day things were a whole lot smoother, no eye watering and no rapid blinking they went in so easily. I'm not sure I can decide which colour I prefer on myself, I love how the blue contacts make my eyes look bigger but then I also love how the grey ones are so much more interesting and unusual.

Overall I would highly recommend these. I wouldn't wear them on a daily basis but I would think of them more like false eyelashes, something to add a little bit extra on a night out or for a special occasion. Honestly don't let the first wear put you off because they do look amazing!

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4 beauty notes

  1. I've always wanted to get coloured contacts, they look lovely! x

  2. I always wanted some really funky contact lenses, I saw some on Camden Market at the weekend with skulls on them xx

  3. Wow these look so cute!!!! I'd love you to check out my blog x

  4. Both the contact lenses's color suits your skin tone.But the glamour blue is awesome.


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