NAILS: Essie's 'Stylenomics"

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I've been wanting this polish for so long!! It was on my Autumn wishlist, my Christmas wishlist, my Birthday wishlist and so I finally caved in and bought it. Its a gorgeous dark dark petrol blue, almost black looking on your nails. I love it, its the perfect vampy nail polish, i've never been a fan of black polish but i seem to love anything that is verging on black aha. It goes on really nicely, lasts for ages although the brush is a little thinner than I'd of liked; my 'Snap Happy' Essie polish has a really thick brush which i love, this doesn't. However thats the only downside and to be honest it won't stop me wearing it in the slightest!
If you love dark polishes, I would highly recommend this!


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10 beauty notes

  1. I've never tried essie polishes, i always see them and then think £7.99!!!
    I like the look of 'its genius' 'midnight cami' and mojito maddness'
    maybe i will try one..


  2. I really like this colour! great post :)


  3. never tried that brand but it looks beautiful :D

  4. That colour looks great, I really love Essie products but the prices really put me off

    1. Me too!! I got this one off eBay for £5, a much more reasonable price:) x

  5. I love wearing dark nail polishes!
    But I hate how it loosk when it's chipping, nonetheless it's worth it!

    Thanks for the recommendation, i will try this one
    UK High Street Fashion & Style

    1. I hate chipping but I love changing my nail colour so it just means I get to pick a new colour every few days aha:) x

  6. very pretty shade :) xx


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