JANUARY Favourites!

Friday, February 01, 2013

Janaury was definitely the month of the lips and glitter nails for me, I've never been much of a lip person but this month something changed aha!

No7 Stay Perfect Nail Polish in Starshower
I was debating whether to get this nail polish for ages and finally bit the bullet and got it just after Christmas. Its a stunning bronze glitter nail polish with a blue shimmer running through it. A really wearable glitter!

Essie Nail Polish in Leading Lady
I got this in the Essie Mini Winter Collection and I have to say i never thought I'd be a red glitter sort of girl, a bit too Wizard of Oz aha. However I absolutely love this colour, and i definitely plant to wear this all year round. A gorgeous red glitter suspended in a red polish, I like to wear Barry Ms 'Red Black' underneath this just to make it a bit darker and more vampy!

Revlon Nail Polish in Sequins
This was the first glitter polish I have ever bought and I bought it at the beginning of December, yes before December I had never owned a glitter nail polish and I now own seven, hows that for a turnaround aha. This polish has large chunks and small chunks of gold glitter and is perfect for adding over any nail polish, I love it.

Korres Lip Butter in Guava
I know there was a lot of hype surrounding these a few years ago but this was my first Korres Lip Butter and it is lovely, a really nice buttery balm that softens lips beautifully. I already have another colour, Pomegranate, on order!!

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Crush
Again like the glitter, I've never been much of a lip girl. I never dared wear dark lipsticks for fear of making my lips look smaller, however after seeing this on offer for £5 I had to try it. Its a stunning berry lip stain that has well and truly converted me into a lips girl, need I say anymore?!

Revlon Grow Lucious Plumping Mascara
I've been wearing this mascara for the past few months and thought it was about time I mentioned it. Part of the Grow Lucious range, I got the plumping version and although it isn't amazing on the eyelashes (its really good but I've still not found a mascara that makes my eyelashes amazing)  it has thickened them and made them so much stronger and healthier than they were before. I now no longer have stubby lashes, would definitely repurchase.

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Permanent Taupe
I already have the bronze one of these but I really fancied a matte colour to use as a daily base and this is perfect. Its a lovely matte grey colour that I probably wear daily underneath my eyeshadow but please Maybelline release more colours!! America have had some gorgeous beige colours and I really want one aha!

Natural Collection Lipstick in Apple Blossom
Ever since I've fallen in love with lipsticks I've been on the hunt for the perfect nude, most of them are way to orange for my skintone however after thinking this was too pink for me. It actually settles down into a lovely nude colour, for a barginous £2!!

Clean&Clear Dual Action  Moisturiser
Finally, I seemed to go through a really spotty stage after Christmas, probably due to all the sugary food aha. But anyway I thought I'd give this a try and it has cleared it up really well. Be careful not to put this right under your eyes though as I found it makes them sting a little, however if your're careful this is amazing:)

Phew, that was a long one aha. So many amazing new products this month. I'm now really going to have to stick to my spending ban!!


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13 beauty notes

  1. I love the glitter polish :)

    Tanesha x

  2. That gold nail varnish looks incredible.


  3. Great favourites, the nail polishes look really pretty x

  4. The revlon mascaras are actually amazing!


  5. Love the revlon lip stains and the polishes!



  6. You've inspired me to purchase crush! Such an amazing colour x


  7. i recently picked up a H&M glitter polish, and it is my favourite - i love how big the glitter is in the revlon polish, i'll have to pick up a few colours it looks lush! the moisturiser is an old favourite of mine, i picked it up one rushed day when i was on the way to the stables because my skin was looking absolutely horrific, but i slapped some of this on and it was such a dream.

    do you recommend the korres lip balm? i've always uhmed and ahhed about it it, yet never made the plunge. i wouldn't know what colour to get it in either. is it opaque or more transparent?

  8. These are some fab favourites... i love the Revlon glitter polish! I'm your newest GFC follower, love your blog!
    Gem ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  9. I absolutely need this gold nail polish!! :)

    Have a nice day.

  10. This Revlon polish looks amazing! I'm such a glitter polish floozie.

    The Style Rawr!

  11. Great blog! I really want to try those revlon lip balm stains but they are quite pricey for drugstore!


  12. I lovee glitter nail polishes- they're so pretty. I'm always eyeing up the Revlon ones whenever I'm in Boots haha. Definately stick to your "lip product" phase- lipstick is amazing!! There are so many colours to choose from. Revlon's lipsticks are also fabulous x



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