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Monday, February 04, 2013

I'm a huge fan of lip balms and believe you can never have too many! So I thought I'd share my top four lip balms:

Korres Lip Butter (Guava)
This is a pretty new one to me and i seemed to miss the hype a few years aha, not quite sure how. Anyway these are absolutely amazing, a rich buttery balm and really moisturises lips while giving a hint of colour. They're non-sticky and feel lovely on your lips, I have since ordered the Pomegranate one as I love this one so much! Only downfall for me is the price, £7.00 in my opinion is quite pricey for a lip balm, for this reason I tend to buy my on Asos when they have they're student discount events (e.g. 25% off). £5.25 is a much more reasonable price:)

Nivea Lip Butter (Caramel Cream, Macadamia)
I've been eyeing these up for quite a while and finally managed to buy a few last month. They really are a product that is completely underrated in my opinion. These again like the Korres Lip Butters are very velvety and buttery, no stickyness whatsoever. They are a little thinner than the Korres Butters but I'd say this makes them less sticky; they come in a range of four scents for a bargain price of £2.25, my favourite has to be the Macadamia one. These really are the perfect dupe for the Korres Butters, highly recommended!

Vaseline (Original, Rosy Lips, Pink Bubbly, Aloe Vera, Cocoa Butter)
Oh Vaseline! I have owned a tin of Vaseline for as long as I can remember and have probably tried almost every flavour there is. I know some people don't get on with Vaseline but I have always been a fan. Despite being much glossier and stickier than the previous two Butters, I find that these are more moisturising and work especially well on dry and chapped lips. You can't go wrong with Vaseline, my favourite is probably the Rosy Lips one because of the slight hint of colour you get with it!

The Body Shop Lip Roll-On (Mint, Orange) 
I received these for Christmas and had never heard of them before, however they are pretty amazing. A natural lip roll-on that gives the lips a glossier, polished effect without being at all sticky. Seriously these are the perfect gloss for me, I'm not a fan of sticky glosses and these aren't at all. Plus the metal roll on is so cooling on the lips!! These aren't particularly moisturising but perfect for the days when you just want something light and stress-free to put on your lips!

So there you have it, my favourite lip balms, you really can never have too many, and I'll probably still keep collecting forever aha!
Whats your favourite?


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13 beauty notes

  1. I love this post - i'm addicted to lipbalms and love the classic carmex and blistex pots but the Yes to Carrots range are really lovely too! You should try them - and they're cheap :)
    Would love to see a swatch of the pomegranate korres balm!

    1. Will definitely do a swatch of it soon, maybe a "Whats on my Face" post:) x

  2. mmm the caramel one looks so nice! I loove the Korres lip butter and Vaseline too :) x

    1. I thought I'd love the Caramel one too but its nothing compared to the Macadamia one:) x

  3. Really want to try the Nivea lip butters, you've definitely convinced me! x

    1. Do it, I can't wait to get the other two scents:) x

  4. Great things!

    New post on my blog:

  5. i've never actually come across the nivea lip butters before, they look lovely! the packaging is so cosy and inviting - i will have to try some! especially since your rate them on par with korres. where are they from?

  6. I didn't even realise nivea did balms in pots. I need to try this, they usually smell/feel so good on!

    The Style Rawr!

  7. I LOVE Nivea lip balms, they work great! ❤

  8. This post reminds me that I have to take care of my lips because they're so dry right now.. Thank you haha :)

    Mónica <3


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