REVIEW: Sleek Blusher in Suede

Monday, January 14, 2013

I've been eyeing up some Sleek blushers for absolutely ages and finally got around to buying one a few weeks ago. I chose the shade Suede which is a really nice terracotta peachy colour, looks gorgeous with a bronze smokey eye. Sleek blushers are so pigmented that you really only need a tiny amount on the brush and they also by far the longest lasting blushers I own. Although they are quite hard to open, as you can see I have already managed to stick my nail into it aha, oops!
I can't wait to try some of the other colours!


p.s. sorry for picture quality, these were taken on my old camera before Christmas!

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7 beauty notes

  1. Suede is the next shade on my list with the sleek blushes, if you like peachy shades you should get the life's a peach sleek blush, or the blush by 3 in lace, they're both really nice :)
    Eleanor x

  2. Looks like a beautiful Blush shade. Lovely:)

    Sara x

  3. Looks like a very nice shade.

  4. Hey! I Just found your blog by chance and I LOVE your outfits and ideas!
    would u like to follow each other? I'll be a pleasure form me!
    Just let me know :)


  5. I love sleek blushers , loveeee them! Xx


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