FOOD: The Perfect Honeycomb!

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

So I know I've only done one food post so far and that was months ago, but cooking and baking is something I really enjoy doing and so I really want to make my food posts much more regular. I'm no expert and certainly haven't had any training but I enjoy my food and its something I want to share with you guys.
Firstly I'm going to show you a honeycomb recipe! I love love love crunchies and one of the main things in crunchies is honeycomb, its really simple to make once you know how, it took me a few goes to get it right first time but after years of practise I think I've got the perfect recipe for it!

You will need:
1 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda
3 tablespoons of golden syrup
100g of caster sugar

Start by putting your sugar and golden syrup in a non-stick pan (I know I only measured out 98g of sugar but it doesn't have to be exact, a few grams under or over is fine). Mix it together as best you can but it won't properly mix until you heat it so just make it a bit more even in the pan.

Next put it on a low heat for 6 minutes, I tend to use the smallest ring on the hob and turn it so its 2/3 of the way round so its low but not at the lowest heat setting. I then stir for the first minute but after that don't touch it, I tend to just shake the pan occasionally to make sure it doesn't burn (its very unlikely to burn due to the golden syrup so don't worry about this). This is how mine looks with 2 mins 46 seconds remaining, just starting to bubble round the edges.

Once the 6 minutes are up it should look like this, the syrup and sugar should have been bubbling like this for the last minute or so. You want your honeycomb to be crunchy, not sticky and chewy, one of the main causes for honeycomb becoming sticky and chewy is when its been under-boiled, so let it bubble like this for at least a minute even if it means going over the 6 minutes slightly (although it shouldn't need more than 6 minutes.)

I couldn't photograph the next stage as it needs to be done immediately, when the mixture is bubbling like in the pan like above, take off the heat and immediately add the bicarbonate of soda (I would definitely advise preparing the bicarbonate of soda before you start cooking) to the pan and then whisk. The mixture should froth up, after a few seconds of whisking, make sure all the bicarbonate of soda is mixed in and then add to a  any shallow dish lined with greaseproof paper immediately. It should look like below and hold its shape very well.

The mixture shouldn't take long to set, I usually leave it an hour to make sure it has fully set. Then transfer to a wooden board and I like to smash it in the middle watch it crumble!

Its so yummy when dipped into chocolate or added to a cheesecake, that's if you can resist eating it on its own for long enough, aha!

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you tried it below:)

p.s. its my birthday in TWO days time, ahh, so excited. Although I don't feel old enough to be turning 19 aha!!

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3 beauty notes

  1. I love honeycomb! Always thought it would be difficult to make but this seems so easy! Thanks for the recipe ill be trying it very soon :-) Xx

  2. Can you please come live in my kitchen? This looks delicious!!

    The Style Rawr!

  3. That looks so yum! You should try making sammies (beautycrush on YB) nutella cakes, they look amazinngggg :)

    Hamida x


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