FASHION: The Printed Midi Dress & 25% OFF Motel!!

Monday, January 21, 2013

This year I really want to start doing more fashion posts because whilst I love beauty,  fashion is my passion (s'cuse the rhyme!). Don't worry I will still be doing beauty posts, I'll just be throwing more fashion posts into  the mix.

So to start off I really wanted to focus on The Printed Midi. I have been absolutely loving printed dresses, especially the Midi ones. I'm definitely more of a lower half girl, than an upper half if that makes sense aha, basically I'd always choose to show my legs off over, say a plunging neckline. This dress is perfect for that, covered up with long sleeves on top, usually a low/open back which I adore (despite the bra problem, I'm yet to find a good backless bra!) and a slightly longer hemline for those covering up days but which can also be pulled up to make a short dress. Throw on a pair of heels and your ready to go!

My favourite out of the above ones definitely has to be the Asos Mystical Print (which I actually already own aha!), purely because it is a stunning print and have you seen that back; its gorgeous! However the Asos Baroque Print does come in a close second! As you can probably see from above Asos are storming this trend at the moment, so I'd definitely recommend checking Asos out if you fancy one.

Which is your favourite?


Also the Motel code 'thebeautymist', for this week you can get 25% OFF with it!!

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6 beauty notes

  1. The last dress is gorgeous and with 25% off this is tempting xx

  2. Awesome blog, I really like ur posts. I'm ur new follower. Hope u will like my blog too!

  3. these are so lovely! i always wear midi dresses but i've never treated myself to a printed one. i'm definitely going to have to after this post!

    nice to come across your blog, i need more beauty and fashion blogs to follow so i like how you're incorporating fashion more into yours! definitely following you on GFC and looking forward to more!

    would love if you took a look at my blog xxx

  4. Lovely dresses.

    xx Mounia

  5. Lovely dresses.

    xx Mounia


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