NAILS: Models Own 'Beccas Brown'

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

This was another colour I ordered when Models Own has their 50% off offer! To be honest I was stuck choosing a colour to be my 5th polish (you had to buy 5 to get 50% off) so I just went for this one, not really sure why. But anyway, it was the last polish I tried because I wasn't really that interested in it but I actually love it. Its a really nice chocolate brown that just seems to make my hands look really good and polished. Definitely one I'll keep going back to. And its made me learn not judge colours before I've tried them aha!


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5 beauty notes

  1. Ooh this is lovely for a brown! *memo*

    Lela -

  2. This is such a stunning colour! Looks like it would be a great alternative to a nude pink. Congrats on reaching 200 followers :)

  3. an't beat a models own polish! This is a really unique colour as well



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