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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Nourishing Leave-In Cream (300ml) - £18.75 *
Healing Oil Treatment (125ml) - £29.95 *

So I recently received these two Macadamia products and I have to say I have found my hairs new saviour, seriously these are amazing!

Firstly this leave-in cream was the thing I was most excited about receiving because I think its the thing I would use the most regularly. I'm not big on putting conditioners over my whole hair root to end because I just know the roots will go greasy if I do that but anyway I styled and washed my hair as usual and then applied a small amount of this through the mid to ends of my hair! The Nourishing Leave-In Cream claims to detangle and tame locks, add silky softness and shine and contain UV protection. I can definitely say I agree with all of these claims; my hair is usually frizzy and rather dry at the ends, however after using this twice I can already notice a difference. Its now soft and the frizz is much less noticeable and I think I'll be pretty gutted when this runs out!

The Healing Oil Treatment I was less excited to receive but that was purely because I didn't actually know what oils do. This treatment claims to add intense nourishment for frizz-free hair, leave hair manageable and shiny, natural UV protection and reduce drying time by 40-50%. Now thats a lot of claims to live up to, I certainly agree with the first three claims as my hair was beautiful soft after using this (on both dry hair and damp hair), this just left my hair so much nicer than before. I'm definitely a huge fan of this. However I didn't really notice a difference in drying time but this may be just me as I don't regularly dry my hair with a hairdryer so I couldn't really comment on that claim!

Overall these two hair products are really lovely and make such a big difference to my hair, my only negative with this brand is the price, with those prices its not something I would be able to buy on a regular basis and so instead it would be something I would put on Christmas and birthday lists. Its something I definitely enjoy using and I think my hair looks so much better with so I would definitely try and get hold of this again and definitely recommend it!

For stockist details visit 08448 40 30 40 or email


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6 beauty notes

  1. This looks like such a lovely product! I have been looking for something kinda similar so i might have to give it a go!

  2. The packaging on these is so luxurious xx

  3. Wow these sound great. I've heard good things about macadamia oil, maybe I should try it out- and I love the packaging
    Daniella x

  4. I've actually been looking for some new hair products to try so I think I'll have a wee look into getting this one! x

  5. i've been wanting to try these for so long! they seem like amazing products for the hair. great post :)

  6. Oh god I really wanna try those too!!


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