REVIEW: Elf Cream Eyeshadows in Pewter & Dawn

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

So I posted about these in a haul around two weeks ago and I have been using these Elf cream eyeshadows none stop ever since! I chose the colours Dawn and Pewter and in my opinion they are just the most beautiful shades.
The product comes in little glass pots which I loved and I just think they look really expensive which for £3.75 isn't bad! Firstly Pewter is a really nice silver shade and this is probably my most favourite out of the two. The consistency of this colour is very smooth and it blends really easily; I mostly use it as a base and it definitely helps prolong my eye makeup. If you have very oily eyelids like me you may also want to use an eyelid primer which is what I do if I need it to last all day. Pewter is also a perfect base colour for a smoky eye!!
On the other hand the Dawn colour I'm still not really sure about, the colour is a lovely neutral beige bronze colour, almost like a paler version of Maybelline's Colour Tattoo 'On and on Bronze', however its a bit more glittery than the Pewter one and definitely takes longer to blend. The consistency is also less smooth and doesn't really provide as nice a base as the Pewter one. I also got minimal creasing which is a win for me, those with normal eyelids probably wouldn't get any creasing! I'm not quite sure if the consistencies are meant to be different because as I mentioned in the haul, the size of the pots of different. Pewter contains 10g of product whereas Dawn only contains 4.7g of product and comes with a crappy brush, so I really hope they aren't changing all the other colours as well because I really like Pewter! 

Overall I would definitely repurchase, however I think you have to be willing to experiment with the colour because I think some are definitely better than others. I probably still prefer Maybelline's Colour Tattoo over these Elf Cream Eyeshadows as they last longer but the Colour Tattoo colour range is pretty pants to be honest so if you want a wider range of colours then definitely go for the Elf Cream Eyeshadow!


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  1. I've not tried many Elf products but tempted to give these a go! Lovely blog :) xxx

  2. im afraid to try the elf colored gel liners bec i heard that they are not consistent in creaminess. that some stocks are dried out... and my fear is to get a bad apple. so what i do is stay away anything cream based elf. i do love their mineral powder though

  3. Wow these look amazing and the colours are lovely! What a bargain at £3.75 too! Never tried elf makeup before but heard some good things about them! I also want to try elf eyeliners :) xxx

  4. I've never tried any Elf products, these look lovely! Love the colours especially the bronze. X

  5. Ive never tried Elf before but the stuff is crazy cheap and looks lovely in your pics so ill def give it a go! <Beauty Giveaway this week!

  6. I need to try these! I love bargain makeup!
    Please check out my blog! :)

  7. I just bought a few of the e.l.f cream blushes (same packaging) and Im loving them. Definitely need to try out the cream shadows now too:)

  8. I love Elf! Swear by their powders and blushers :) xo

  9. I always wanted to try one ! I think i will soon now :)

  10. I've bought a few things from elf in the past but found everything to be miniscule sizes, these on the otherhand look really nice!perfect for A/W !!

  11. OMG I like this eyeshadows so much!! But I really love Dawn!


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