REVIEW: 17 Photo Flawless Skin Primer

Sunday, August 19, 2012

In the past few weeks I've been more and more interested in primers, especially after that heatwave we had a couple of months ago! I came across this one a few weeks ago when I was waiting for my sister in Boots; I was really intrigued because the tube is tiny and I remember thinking that it can't last very long at that size. So I opened it up and put a bit on the back of my hand and was instantly won over! The colour and consistency of this product is quite strange at first, almost like it should be sticky except its not!! All you need is a tiny 1/2 a pea sized amount and it blends out perfectly; leaving a smooth velvety finish, such a perfect base for your foundation.

I can definitely say after using this for 10 days in Greece that it definitely prolongs foundation wear and stopped my foundation sliding off, it would stay put for a good 5 - 6 hours which for my skin in temperatures of 35 degrees Celsius is a miracle!

Honestly just go and test this out in a Boots store and you will see what I mean! Well recommended!


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15 beauty notes

  1. oooh I need something to stop my foundation melting off, this sounds good! x

  2. I haven't seen this one before, I recently bought the MUA primer and it sounds pretty much the same. Don't know what I ever did before primer ha ha :) xx

  3. This looks really interesting, I'm always on the hunt to find a good primer, is it expensive? x

  4. This sounds amazing for the price!

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  5. I really want to try this... I may have too now I have seen this review :)


  6. I tried this as I think it's hard to find a good cheap primer however I didn't get on with the silicon consistency so I've stuck to water based primers since! xxx

  7. Great review! I've been looking for a cheaper primer to use just for everyday so will definitely give this a try thank you :)


  8. i've never used a primer in my life, i was just wondering why you picked this one over the other brands. i don't know where i'd start to pick one,
    laura xx

    1. I don't really know why. I think I was standing near the 17 Makeup stand looking at the BB cream and my eye was drawn to this because the tube was so small, but I wasn't intending to buy a primer aha:)

  9. It's nice to read something good about this as I've only heard bad things! I really love the loreal primer xx

  10. I have used the Rimmel primer, but really want to try something else, may give this one a go now! x

  11. Looks good thank you - I am looking for something much more affordable for when my smashbox runs out, so will bear it in mind! :-)


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