NAILS: Topshop 'Ruthless' Nail Polish

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Now I had almost forgotten about this nail polish when I pulled it out of my collection the other day. I had completely forgotten what a lovely dark red it was. I always find Topshop nail polishes very hit and miss, on the one hand I adore the colours and especially the range of colours; I think its great that a high street nail polish does such a vast amount of nice colours. However I do think the formulations vary from colour to colour. Along with this colour I have a few other Topshop nail polishes, my most favourite is Utilitarian which has a lovely formula and doesn't chip for ages, whereas this colour seems to chip almost the next day which is such a shame!

Anyway a lovely colour and worth a try as it may be different for you!


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5 beauty notes

  1. lovely colour - i'll give it a try! x

  2. gorgeous colour! perfect for winter :) x

  3. Love this colour, sooo need to try the topshop nail varnish! xx

  4. Hey, I really like your blog so I have tagged you for the Liebster Award

  5. I agree about the hit and miss especially with the formulations, some are great some are rubbish
    Daniella x


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