REVIEW: MUA 'Undressed' Palette

Friday, July 13, 2012

Top - Undressed, Bottom - Heaven and Earth

Top - Shades 1 - 6
Bottom - Shades 7 - 12 

Shades 1, 2, 7 & 8
Shades 3, 4 9 & 10
Shades 5, 6, 11 & 12

I know there have already been quite a few reviews on this new palette by MUA called 'Undressed', and I actually got mine to day they were released but I wanted to try out the colours for a while first before giving you guys a review on it. After a week of using it I am already hooked. I didn't think MUA could get much better at eyeshadows but this palette is just perfect for me. A lot of people have compared it to the Urban Decay Naked palettes and while I don't own the Naked palettes, from looks alone, they are pretty damn similar. I have actually been considering buying the Naked palette for the past few months but with this palette now I don't think I'll need to aha.

When I first received this palette I have to say I was a tad disappointed as from first impressions it is very similar to the 'Heaven and Earth' palette, a few of the neutral shades are fairly similar. Although they are still lovely colours, with a great payoff!

You probably know the drill by now, MUA eyeshadows are highly pigmented and very blendable with a great colour payoff. I don't think the pale matte colours are as pigmented as the pearly colours, however for me this isn't a particularly big problem as I tend to not use pale matte colours anyway. My favourite shades have to be shades 2, 4 and 10, I also love shade 6 because I think it is very difficult to find a nice gold colour that suits my skintone.

All in all a great palette with beautiful shades all for £4, you can't go wrong.


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9 beauty notes

  1. Great review and lovely swatches :) xx

  2. This is a great review :) I've been hearing a lot of good things about the MUA palettes
    Daniella x

    1. Definitely my favourite palettes!

  3. I have still yet to buy an MUA palette but I think I should really, both palettes look like they have some really nice shades! :)
    I'd love to see what sort of looks you wear using these palettes!
    Eleanor x

    1. I'll try and post some pictures soon, but I'm no make-up artist aha:)!

  4. I cannot believe how cheap that is ? I have the naked palette and they really are so similar. Definatly going to check out some of their other products, do they have them in boots? xx

  5. The palette looks lovely!
    I considered buying the Sleek Palette (Au Naturel) but maybe I will go for the MUA one if I can get it over here in Germany. :)



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