REVIEW: Lush Ocean Salt Facial Scrub

Monday, July 09, 2012

I was recently reading a review from Girly Girl Vs World (found heree) where she compared Body Shop Seaweed Facial Scrub and Lush Ocean Salt Facial Scrub and I was really intrigued because she said she preferred the Lush one. Now you may or may not know that I have been in love with the Body Shop Seaweed Exfoliator since forever so I decided I had to try the Lush one! 

The first thing that made me like this scrub was that it is actually a proper scrub with big bits of sugar which really exfoliate your face. The scrub left my face feeling really smooth and clean; in terms of comparing it with the Body Shop one, I don't think there is a comparison. In my eyes they both do different things the Body Shop one is good for a daily scrub whereas the Lush one I would use every few days!

Overall definitely a new favourite of mine:)


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8 beauty notes

  1. I've never tried anything from Lush and I'm not sure why! This looks so good.x

    1. This is one of my first purchases, very impressed aha!

  2. I'm having this for my birthday. Can't wait to try it out :) xx

  3. I think you can't go wring with Lush! Thanks for the review!

  4. I'm more of a Body shop than a lush fan. But this face scrub does look 'lush' lol. I bet it smells gorgeous like all lush products!
    Daniella x

  5. I love lush and this sounds like a great product to try!xx

  6. i love this product on my body but it kind of stings when i use it on my face. definitely a favorite, ah i love lush
    amazing post, i'm following! :D


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