OOTD: tie dye

Sunday, July 08, 2012

leggings - Topshop, jumper - H&M, necklace - New Look, shoes - Decathlon

I bought these tie dye leggings from Topshop weeks ago and have just not got around to wearing them! I think it's because there quite 'out there' and not really my usual style but I love them so much; my inner Jessie-J comes out aha:) 
The cross necklace is another new addition and surprisingly enough its from New Look, I was really surprised because I usually find their jewellery tacky and it always looks a bit cheap (sorry if you're a fan of New Look jewellery!). However I came across this and its lovely, just a thick cross with spikes coming out of it, and its a tarnished silver colour! For only £3.99 it was a bargain. I will definitely be visiting New Look a lot more often from now on!


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9 beauty notes

  1. Love the leggings, they look great on you! xx

    Katharine from kathykins.com

  2. Whenever I buy a scary purchase it lives in the wardrobe for a bit, but its so worth it when you finally wear it :)
    You've styled it well, the plain black tee is all the leggings need
    It would be mine

    1. I know what you mean, this lived in my drawer for at least two weeks before I finally wore it out:)! x

  3. those leggings are soo pretty! x

  4. I'm not brave enough to wear patterned leggings. Do you have fairy lights behind you in the photo? I love fairy lights!


  5. Fabulous outfit I adore the simplicity of it. Love the leggings also!



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