Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Another DVD that I used to use loads is this Pilates DVD! I started going to a Pilates club at my college last September and I went for a few months and quite enjoyed it, however I stopped at Christmas. In March I was thinking about doing pilates again but couldn't really afford to go to classes so I decided to buy this DVD. 

Its quite a good DVD combining floor exercises with a few standing exercises, for me I first found it fairly challenging as it is a quite fast moving DVD, however after about two weeks of doing it regularly  I started to find it fairly comfortable to do and a relaxing change from the Jillian Michaels DVD. After around a month of using it I sort of grew a bit bored of it as I didn't find the moves challenging enough and it didn't feel like it was giving me much of a workout. I'm one of those people who likes to feel the ache the day after a workout, aha it makes me feel like I have actually done something worthwhile!

So I would definitely suggest this if you have a bit of experience of pilates and it is a nice relaxing break from the more energetic DVDs, however for me I think I need much more of a challenge to keep me interested. Not a DVD for those who get bored easily but still a nice DVD to try:)

have you tried any pilates dvds?


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  1. I've never tried pilates! I really want to, I'm a regular runner and it's meant to be a great excercise regime to combine with running. I have done the 30 day shred though, that's a toughie! It really kicks your butt!

    1. I know but I love the feeling of having your butt kicked aha!


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