Friday, June 22, 2012

Left - Right: TOP - ASOS Shell Top, Zara Studded Collar Shirt, American Apparel Clutch, BOTTOM - Zara Crochet Top, ASOS Corset, Lovely Sally Leggings

Asos Corset £35.00
Zara Shirt £29.99

So... EXAMS are finally over, yay! From now on I will be a lot more focused and hopefully more interesting for you guys because there hasn't really been much to say over the past couple of weeks because all I've literally been doing is revision! Anyway enough talk of exams!

I can't wait to finally go shopping, my wishlist is building at a pretty alarming speed aha. Probably my most wanted item on this list has to be the Lovely Sally leggings, I've been wanting to get some for absolutely ages, but I just find them a little pricey for leggings. I think I might just go for it!

I hope you guys have had a great week, I'm just off to the gym in preparation for Greece in 3 and half weeks, excited!! Lots more posts to come, I promise!


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10 beauty notes

  1. Wish I could pull some of these things off! They're all lovely :) xo


    1. I wish I could afford them all aha!

  2. wow love your wishlist! expecially the black blouse <3

  3. I LOVE that corset!!!


  4. love the print on the leggings x

  5. I love the Zara crochet top and the studded collar shirt. Should have known that's where they'd be from, Zara have had some amazing pieces in this season so far.
    I can't get enough of studded collars at the moment!
    Mel x


  6. gosh i love the asks shell top!! so pretty


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