REVIEW: Avon SuperShock Gel Liner in Blackberry

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hi guys,
I bought this gel eyeliner from Avon a couple of months ago and sort of just tucked it away somewhere and forgot about it! Then, a few days ago I watched a Pixiwoo make up tutorial called Easy Festival Make-Up (found here) and this exact same eyeliner was used and it looked really good; why on earth had I not used this earlier, aha!

It's in the shade blackberry, which is a rich reddy brown colour, and I surprised myself when I bought it as I don't usually wear brown eyeliner much (as you can probably guess from the way I haven't used it before last week!). Basically it's a gel-formulated eyeliner which can be drawn on and then smudged, as shown above, and I think it is safe to say I have been converted! The formulation is very creamy and the glides on so easily, without dragging the skin at all. I also love the fact it can be smudged very easily and then once smudged it stays put, which I think is a rare thing to find in an eyeliner. Although you do have to work quickly as once it sets, theres no budging it without taking it all off!
All in all its a lovely eyeliner that would be perfect on its own or with a smoky eye, highly recommended!

have you tried any gel eyeliners?

p.s. I have Model's Own Nude Beige on my nails.

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  1. This eyeliner looks great! Must give it a try, great review!

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  2. Would like to try one soon :)

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  3. Ooh I've not used a pencil gel eye liner yet, I'm just hooked on L'Oreal's gel superliner atm. I always find Avon a bit hit and miss so I've stopped buying from them really. I've read so many hit reviews about these pencils though, this one is obviously a hit!


    1. I completely know what you mean,I rarely buy from them!:)

  4. looks a bit like the NARS eyeliner, but that ones doesn't smudge. I agree with Alice, it's always abit risky to buy from Avon, because u never know what to expect.

    1. I know, would be great if they had a shop that you could go and test things in!

  5. Oh wow, I love the sound of this! Avon have really upped their game since I used them last xx

    1. I was so surprised when I bought this and even more so when I liked it, aha, definitely going to be buying more from them I think! x

  6. This looks lovely!

    I've just come across your blog and love it, I have subscribed :)

    Check out my blog if you have time?

    1. Thank you, will definitely check out your blog :)

  7. Ooh thats a pretty cool gel liner, I didn't think AVON really had good products.. Oops! Haha, I'll have to check this out :)


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