Friday, June 08, 2012

Models Own Nail Polish in 'Nude Beige' - £5.00

This nail polish has to be one of my favourites, seriously I have been wearing it everyday for the past two weeks. In the past I have struggled to find a beigey colour that didn't turn out greyish if you applied two or more coats. However this one actually stayed a very nice beige/nude colour and I think it looks beautiful against my skin colour.
It applies very nicely, with a medium sized brush and I actually only needed one coat to get a really good colour, but I did two coats just to make sure it was long lasting. Its so wearable and lasts for ages, most of the time with my nails, polish usually chips within the first couple of days! However this nail polish lasted for 5 WHOLE DAYS, before I got a very tiny chip which I was able to patch up quickly. I think this had to be a record for me:)
I will definitely be repurchasing this colour when it runs out and I also plan to buy a few more colours of Models Own nail polish as it is one of the best I have tried in a long time!

Highly recommended!

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11 beauty notes

  1. the color is so shiny!
    such a pretty pastel color

  2. I'm wearing a similar colour now, it's growing on me so I might have to buy some ;) xx


    1. You should definitely buy some! x

  3. It's like this lovely taupe shade

    Loviiiiing the looks! :)
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  4. Such a great color! xx


  5. I'm a massive models own fan so don't know how I managed to miss this as its pretty much my ideal shade. Thank you for bringing it to my attention haha! X

  6. love the color!

    - True

  7. This colour is gorgeous, and it's looks like that sort of colour you could use for all occasions! And it's brill that it lasted you for 5 days, my nail polish usually chips after 2 or 3 days, hehe. Definitely my next buy xo

    1. I was just as surprised aha! I haven't found anything that this colour doesn't go with:) x

  8. i love models own


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