BODYCARE: Imperial Leather!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Imperial Leather has to be my all-time favourite brand for shower gels, seriously they smell so good and are also really creamy at a bargain price:D.

So this is just a quick post really to show you my two favourites. I would probably say I use the Japanese Spa one more because the smell is divine, I really wish they'd bring out a lotion in this scent! However I do also love the tiny pink bubbles in the SkinKind one!

Have you guys used any Imperial Leather? Whats your favourite shower gel?


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3 beauty notes

  1. I love the Japanese Spa one too! Smells so nice :) xx

  2. I have the Japanese Spa one too, its so creamy and kind to my ridiculously sensitive skin!


  3. I love those, but I also love the Radox Shower Smoothies - seriously they're so moisturising and smell so good that I almost want to drink them! xo


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