REVIEW: MUA Products (the Good & the Bad)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

MUA is quickly becoming one of my go to brands, firstly because of the price and secondly because they actually have some pretty good stuff there!

My all time favourite MUA product has to be the 'Heaven and Earth' palette. Its amazing, with every shade of brown you could possibly wish for. With a brown smoky eye being almost my signature look (seriously, I love a brown smoky eye!) this palette is perfect for me. The palette consists of 12 highly pigmented eye shadows with a mixture of shimmer and matte finishes, with most of them being a shimmer finish, all for £4!! Its a bargain!

[this is the colour I'm wearing in the picture]

Another product which is fast becoming a favourite of mine is the nail polish, in particular shade 19, which is a pale taupe colour. Its a perfect neutral colour for the summer and will go with just about anything! The polish always takes a good few days to chip, which is amazing for me as nail polish is usually chipped by the next day on my nails! The only problem I have with this polish is the brush, its really not very smooth at all and can leave faint lines when you paint your nails, meaning it can be quite fiddly to get a smooth finish. So instead I have swapped the brush for one of my old nail polish brushes and it now goes on perfectly, and for a £1, I'm not particularly fussed that the brush isn't of good quality anyway!

The next product is the single matte eye shadows, and these I'm really not too keen on which I found surprising since I absolutely loved the palette. They are meant to be highly pigmented but I just don't find that they pay off much. In order to get a solid colour you have to pile your brush with the eye shadow quite a few times and even then it still isn't an amazing colour. I'm not too sure whether it is because it is a matte shadow but for me, at £1, I still don't think I'll be purchasing again.

Finally is, for me, one of the worst products that MUA sell which is the pressed powder. I have fairly oily skin however I find that this powder is too chalky and does absolutely nothing for my skin. I have found that it lasts barely an hour before I'm shiny again which is really bad quality! The range 4 colours are relatively good, it just really is a not very good pressed powder, rubbish.

So I hope I haven't rambled on too much and I hope that this has been helpful for you, even if it only saves you a few pounds.
let me know if you've tried any MUA products and what you thought of them?


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4 beauty notes

  1. The swatches of that palette are so similar to my Urban Decay Naked 2, amazing! I love some of the cheap and cheerful brands they stock at Superdrug nowadays, I'm getting fewer and fewer reasons to splash my cash at UD and MAC which is great.

    1. Definitely! and my bank balance is thanking me for it too:)

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  3. I've been reading some good reviews on MUA lately, the eyeshadows look super pigmented. I wish they were available in Australia


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